There is something about the fall that always feels like coming home. After spending the past ten years and seven years in Florida, respectively, my sister and I relish our time in the district during autumn.

Fall in D.C. is something entrancing. Having spent the majority of our lives in a D.C. suburb, we’re no strangers to fall weather and brightly colored leaves. Fall used to be our favorite season before we journeyed to the land of endless summer.


Before we come home, we hold our breath, and fervently hope that the leaves hold on to their color just a little bit longer, enough that we can enjoy all of the magnificent colors during our Thanksgiving holiday.


Washington D.C. is one of the those places that seems to be defined by a season. During the fall, the fall foliage highlights the old row homes on Capitol Hill. People spend chilly Sunday mornings strolling to nearby Eastern Market with their dogs and loved ones, clutching coffee cups.


Bright leaves line the sidewalk, and gold and orange trees frame the sky. The blue of the sky and the richness of the leaves, along with cooler temperatures, invigorates D.C. residents.


One of D.C.’s upscale neighborhoods, Georgetown, is home to many shops and swanky restaurants and bars, as well as a beautiful riverfront. But, if you walk away from the river, and up the hill, you’ll come across hundreds of beautiful old homes. Each one is unique and stunning in their own way.

The streets are quiet. A few people wander around. As my sister and I were taking photos next to this washed brick home pictured above, with the candy red vespa out front, the owners came right up behind us. They were very friendly, inviting us to continue taking pictures. Wealthy and accommodating.


Each home has a different charm. Cool colors like blue stand in stark contrasts to the foliage. While brick houses seem to play against the shades of the leaves. I can’t decide which I find more beautiful.


Each home has minuscule details that make it special. Gas lamps, ironwork fences, cutouts, ivy, and landscaping only add to Georgetown’s charm.


Residents relish the chance to show off fall fashion. Fall fashion in D.C. features hats and scarves, as well as classic jackets. Bottoms are usually skirts and tights or leggings, or dark washed or black skinny jeans, all paired with boots.


Some residents hold on to pumpkins and fall decor, while some make the transition to winter. I’m partial to fall, but I can’t deny the classic winter look of some homes.


Meghan and I had a wonderful time walking around Capitol Hill and Georgetown on this windy fall day. I encourage you to go out and find the beauty of the season wherever you are.


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