Hiking in Brevard NC has become a yearly summer and winter tradition in my family.

I love forest bathing in the summer, seeing all the beautiful flowers and lush greenery, and then the contrast of seeing the open vistas on mountaintops in the winter, with the frozen waterfalls.

Many people skip over Brevard and stay in Asheville, which is amazing in its own right. But we soon discovered a love of Brevard, and fell in love hiking in Brevard.

We found Asheville to be pretty far away from some of the coolest hikes in the Pisgah National Forest and Dupont. We didn’t like spending 4+ hours in the car everyday to go on hikes. So we eventually gave Brevard a try and haven’t gone back!

Hiking in Brevard NC is just easy, there are so many different hikes, for all ability levels, all within less than an hour of downtown Brevard.

For my list I put together 10 of the top hikes we have downe in Brevard in the past 3 years. Our family focuses on shorter (less than 6 miles) hikes, with an easy to moderate level of difficulty. We try to do a good mix of waterfall hikes, vistas, and bluffs.

Graveyard Falls

Located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is an easy hike down an inclined path to waterfalls. It is about half a mile round trip, and suitable for young children.

Enjoy the first set of falls of follow a set of steps down to see even more!

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit! This area does get quite crowded, so I recommend coming early in the morning or during a weekday if you are able!

Devil’s Courthouse

Devil’s Courthouse gives you a lot of bang for your buck! The trail itself is about 1 mile up and back. The incline is quite steep, but it doesn’t last for very long.

You can see a good bit of the state from this stunning viewpoint.

I suggest combining Devil’s Courthouse and Graveyard Falls as they are very close together.

Black Balsam Knob

Another great bang for your buck, this trail is about 1.5 miles in length. There is a slight incline at the beginning but it evens out when you reach the knob.

There are stunning views in every direction.

And you can wander around the knob to see all of the different views.

I was gifted a pair of Kuhl Transcenr leggings to wear on this particular hike. And I couldn’t have been happier with them!

They had pockets to put my cell phone, keys, and chapstick. They fit absolutely perfectly-they are my favorite pair of hiking pants. If you would like a pair, please click here.

Sam’s Knob

Sam’s Knob is about 2 minutes away from Black Balsam Knob, and much quieter, the trail is about two miles long. The trail begins as gravel, then you cross a flat field, and then begin to scramble up again. There is some rock scrambling which is quite fun.

The flowers that you’ll see in this hike are quite breathtaking.

And the views are absolutely stunning.

John’s Rock

John’s Rock is the alternative to the famous Looking Glass Hike. Looking Glass is a bit much for me, so John’s Rock is a suitable alternative. Probably the most challenging on this list, at 5 miles long, it is still a fun hike to do. The views are the top are breathtaking.

And the journey to the top is quite lovely too with interesting plants, beautiful streams, caves, and more.

Moore Cove Falls

This 1.2 mile out and back hike is perfect if you want to hunt some waterfalls.

The waterfall is quite gentle, but what makes this hike so special is that you can actually walk behind the waterfall.

It is perfect if you just want to stretch your legs for a bit and enjoy the beautiful water sounds.

Living Water Trail

If you have very little time but still want to see waterfalls, living water trail is perfect.

Located right along the road, so you may hear some cars, are the most stunning waterfalls.

The hike is almost flat, although you may have to duck under some branches.

Admire the stone face or dip your toes in the water.

Catawba Falls

These falls are absolutely stunning.

The trail is quite easy, until you get to the actual waterfall.

Some people prefer to sit or jump in the base of the falls, but more adventurous types may choose to scramble up the falls to see them up close.

Rainbow Falls Trail

Rainbow Falls Trail will leave you breathless.

It is a slightly longer trail at 4.4 miles out and back, and the trail is a bit rocky. It is one of the more challenging hikes on this list.

Triple Falls Trail

Triple Falls Trail is a 3 mile loop. The trail is very well maintained, and easy to navigate.

This is a very popular trail, so once again, head out early and during the week for more peace and serenity!

The covered bridge is a fun photo op.

And there are plenty of places to swim, or to just enjoy the views!

I hope you enjoy hiking in Brevard NC as much as we have over the years!

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