Do you love Christmas? I have, ever since I was a little girl. And it has been a dream of mine for a long time to visit the Christmas markets in Germany. The idea of a whole country, nay, whole continent really, going crazy for Christmas? Sign me up for the gingerbread and Christmas lights, tinsel and holiday tunes.

Unfortunately, many of my pictures from the Christmas markets were mysteriously deleted. But, I managed to save 7 photos that give you a tiny steak peak into this magical world. I hope you enjoy and consider taking a trip to experience Christmas in Europe yourself. 

Photo #1 The Decorations and Atmosphere are Fabulous

When I stepped outside of the Munich airport I was greeted by the most delicious smell of what I can only describe as Christmas. I smelt fresh pine, oranges and cloves, cold air, cinnamon, and spices. My heart skipped a beat. I had only been in Munich less than an hour, five seconds of those had been outside the airport, and I had stumbled on my first of Munich’s Christmas markets.

Each market stall is covered in garland and twinkling lights of all kinds. The smells drifting from the stalls are enough to melt even Scrooge’s hateful heart. Around the stalls there are many tall tables assembled and people grab their mulled wine and stand together, keeping out the cold air, and huddling in towards family and friends.

Photo #2 There is so much Old World Charm

As I drink one of my many glasses of mulled wine, I glance up at so many picaresque buildings. Of course, I don’t know what the buildings are for, I don’t know their history. They are probably mostly government buildings, but they are beautiful as they tower over the market, serving as the perfect backdrop.

Photo #3 There are a Wide Variety of Christmas Markets

I visited about five markets in Munich alone during my short two day jaunt to Germany. Each one has its own characteristics. Many people raved about the medieval market in Munich-so I had to visit. I liked that it was different from the other markets, and way less crowded. But I definitely didn’t think that it was as Christmasy or as fun to look around. But go and judge for yourself! Everyone is different. 

Photo #4 Buy Fantastic Ornaments For Friends and Family

A lot of the ornaments are handmade. There’s an ornament for every member of the family, cute, quirky, fuzzy, whimsical…And the prices aren’t too terribly bad. You can get smaller ornaments for a few euros. Larger ornaments, of course, cost much more. Don’t forget to get yourself an ornament while you’re there as well!

Photo #5 The Food is Amazing

My friend and I ate sausages, pretzels, crepes, and waffles galore. The food is filling and warm and so necessary when you spend all day walking around the markets, shopping and drinking. 

Photo #6 Gluwine Anyone?

Dozens of stalls offer mulled wine to shoppers. You “rent” a cup (or buy it) and then pay for the wine that you drink. You’ll get you cup deposit back (if you bring the cup back that is). The warmed, spiced wine feel delicious on a cold afternoon or evening.

Photo #7 You may get Lucky and See Snow!

I live in Florida, so I only see snow if I vacation in cold places and if the weather cooperates. Luckily, early December was a great time to see some snow! It only lasted a little bit, and I had just finished a walking tour when this photo was snapped. But I bet snow in the markets is even prettier!

I’ll (hopefully) be visiting Germany’s Christms markets again very, very soon. Until then, I’m going to reminisce.

Happy Travels!

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