In a nutshell…

I’m Kelly, short-term travel expert! I help busy people travel the world in 1-10 day trips, have magical experiences abroad, and provide plus size and wellness travel inspiration and information.

A bit more about me and Snap Travel Magic…

I’m Kelly, a 30-something year old, traveling the world on a teacher’s schedule and shoestring budget.

I figured out a way to make my love of travel fit in with my 9-5 job, making the most out of school breaks, and seeing a lot of the world in a short amount of time.

My focus in my writing is itineraries and city guides for 1-4 day and 5-10 day trips. Staying on a budget, but still having magical experiences in a new place is something that I strive for whenever I travel.

I also focus on wellness, including visiting weight loss camps, as well as my daily yoga practice. I’m an overweight traveler, but I still love fitness, yoga, and surfing. And I try to encourage everyone to see the world.




1-10 Day Adventures

The average person in the United States only gets around 10 vacation days a year. I am here to help them make the most of those days! I look for the must-do experiences and the must-see attractions in every city I go to. The question I always ask myself is: If you never come back to this country again, what MUST you experience? I serve the 9-5ers and help them have the best vacation possible.

Keunkenhof tulip gardens

Magic Adventures

One of the most important parts of traveling is finding something unique. Even if people are short on time, they want those once-in-a-lifetime moments, that little bit of magic when they travel. That can be a fun excursion, like a trip to a waterfall or magic lagoon, it can be an ATV ride or a trip to a beer spa, it could be a colorful part of town or a cat cafe. I find those quirky, cool experiences and highlight them for travelers.

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Wellness Adventures

I’m a big proponent of health. I love yoga, hiking, swimming, and dancing. Fitness camps and yoga retreats around the world are my jam. It’s important for people to reset and relax from their busy lives and do something good for their mind, body, and soul. Not a lot of people even realize that these types of holidays exist and how beneficial they can be. I want to normalize self-care and mental health in the travel industry.


Budget Travel

Travel was only possible for me because I worked a second job, didn’t go out to eat or buy expensive clothes for years. I backpacked around Europe, slept in hostels, ate street food, and spent as little money as possible. Travelers want good deals, and people’s desire to see the world shouldn’t be limited by their budget.


Adventure Travel

Skydiving, bungee jumping, atving, camping, hiking, and rafting are some of the adventures I’ve had while out of my home country. Adventure travel is quickly becoming people’s favorite way to travel. Being out in nature and getting your adrenaline pumping is something that always makes me feel alive.

girl on the beach

Florida Travel

My home base is St. Petersburg, Florida. I love exploring my state on weekends, and finding beautiful beaches, cool restaurants, interesting cities, and secret coves to explore. Florida is more than just theme parks (although don’t get me wrong I love those too) and I want to expand Florida’s image in the world.


Ethical Travel

Respecting the culture, environment, and animals of any country that I visit is extremely important to me. Being part of environmental clean-ups, featuring green brands and companies, and not partaking in unethical activities is something that I am very passionate about. We are all one human race, and we only have one planet, we need to respect that.


Nerd Travel

Count me in for anything book related, movie related, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. I didn’t spend time hunting down Harry Potter spots in the UK for nothing! People want quirky and fun experiences (restaurants, pop-ups, experiences, themed hotels, dinners, etc) based on their favorite book, tv show, movie, characters, etc. And I love highlighting those unique places!

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Group Tours/Solo Travel

I love group travel. I’ve met the most amazing people from all over the world on group tours. I love using a group tour to see a lot of one place in a short amount of time.

I also love solo travel, the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. As a solo female traveler I often talk about safety precautions, and how to meet people while abroad.



As a lifelong teacher with a type A personality, rest assured that you will be working with a professional in every sense of the word. I will return communication promptly and respect deadlines.


Expect high quality writing, photography, packages, and services from me that exceed your expectations at all times. I will produce beautiful articles, social media posts, photographs, and videography.


With a social media and blog following of over 3k, your brand will be seen and will continue to be seen by a growing audience. My readers engage with me, asking me for travel recommendations and tips.


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 I can provide quality content like blog articles and social media posts advertising your brand on my own site and across social media platforms. Your brand will reach more people than you ever thought possible!


Press Trips

During a press trip I can contribute blog posts, stories, tik tok videos, facebook posts, check-ins, instagram posts and more while advertising a variety of brands during the trip. You will get quality exposure in real time.


Brand Ambassador

I want to engage and support brands that I believe in. Clothing, products, services, and more, I will be a face to your brand. You will get continued exposure on social media channels and my website for the duration of our relationship.



Hotel? Hostel? Restaurant? Activity? I will review your brand and share in a variety of formats with my audience.


Social Media Take Overs

Looking for a consumer to show someone using your product? I will take over your social media for a day or a week and share my voice and my experience with your brand. You will also get exposure from my audience as well.


Contribute to your Website

Looking for a unique voice on your website? I freelance my writing services and can write regular or one-time articles for your website that are seo optimized.


Photography and Videography

If you need professional photography and/or videography of your brand, I can provide multitudes of high quality content that you can use across all of your platforms.


SEO Website Optimization

Want to grow your audience? SEO is a great way to do that. I can optimize your blog or website articles and entire webpage and gain you traffic and followers!

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Social Media Manager

Not getting anywhere with social media? Or don’t have enough time to devote to social media? I can manage your account behind the scenes to grow your following and engage with your audience and potential clients.