A Day at Lamai Fitness, A Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

In this post, I walk you through one at at the Koh Samui health retreat, Lamai Fitness. Located on the island of Koh Samui, Lamai fitness focuses on weight loss and physical transformation. If you’re interested to see what your day will be like at a weight loss retreat in Thailand, read on! Please note, Lamai fitness has moved! Please visit them at their website to learn more!

6:15am: Wake-up


A day at Lamai fitness begins with a 7 am workout-so I’m up at 6:15 mentally preparing myself for what is to come. I usually drink my apple cider vinegar, take a few L-Carnite pills to give me energy through my workouts, drink a bottle of water so I’m hydrated, and eat a banana so I don’t pass out for the cardio session, before heading out at 6:55am to meet my group.

7:00am: Cardio

The workouts at Lamai Fitness are intense. Monday and Thursdays we hike for two hours. Tuesdays we run/jog/walk for two hours. Wednesdays and Fridays are beach circuits with swims for a little over an hour. Those are supposed to be recovery days. Saturdays we’re encouraged to go on a beach run, or do one of the many loops around the island.

girl hiking in Thailand

I hate hiking. Mostly because it’s hard and I feel like I’m going to die whenever I do it. But, it’s a great workout. And I can’t deny the views are pretty sick too.

Tuesdays aren’t so bad, except I also hate running. So, I complete more of a speedwalk/jog than a run. But I still don’t like it. Because I also feel my lungs are going to burst.

Wednesdays and Fridays were great because I used to do an hour swim with Billy, another trainer at Lamai, before the jellyfish scared me off and I started doing beach circuits and shallow water swims with Caroline.  Wednesdays and Fridays aren’t relaxing anymore. But I’m here for a workout.

girl by a huge rock in thailand

9:00am: Ice Bath and Breakfast

On the hiking days and sometimes running days we take ice baths. You have to, or else you will be so sore the next day you won’t be able to walk. I end up loving the ice baths.

Girl in an ice bath

After the ice bath we have breakfast. My breakfast varied when I was on detox, but I usually have a fruit salad or eggs. I’ll detail later exactly what I ate in a day.

The on-site cafe at Lamai was fantastic, and I ate there 99% of the time while I was training.

Wild Tribe Cafe

If I was really tired and lost a lot of fluid during the cardio session, I would get an electrolyte drink-which was a little piece of heaven at the resort.

10:30am: Yoga

Empty Yoga room

Yoga was another thing that helped with the sore muscles. I’ve always loved yoga. Being outside didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

My practice improved a lot. We were doing yoga anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half daily, depending on the teacher.

12:00pm: Lunch

Lunch was usually some kind of salmon and vegetables or salad of some kind. I would get pretty hungry after yoga and this was probably my biggest meal of the day.

Girl with her lunch

At first the small portion sizes were really hard for me. But, my body got used to them and I realized that I could still train hard and not eat as much food.

I was hungry for about the first four days, and after that my body just adjusted to the amount of food I was eating.

1:00pm: Nap time/Pool time/Free time

Usually I slept from around 1:00pm to 3:00pm because I was just so tired from the whole experience.

Pool at lamai fitness

Sometimes I would go to the pool, or take a walk around town.

But you’re so tired from the workouts and the heat that the only thing you really want to do is blast the air con and snuggle under your covers.

3:45pm: Weights

Every evening we had a weights session. Think Crossfit. That was the style of the workouts. We would warm-up by running hills, or jumping rope, or doing burpees. The workouts usually focused on a couple different muscle groups attached with high intensity cardio.


Those workouts were killer.

There was no air conditioning.

gym in koh samui

But we did blast the music.

And I grew to love those workouts.

5:00pm: Sauna

I spent at least 15 minutes in the sauna after the evening workout just to sweat a bit more. A couple girlfriends would join me, and it was great having some girl talk.

6:00pm: Dinner

I always had an electrolyte drink before dinner, because when I finished the workout it looked like I had jumped into a pool-of my own sweat. It was disgusting.

Electrolyte drink

Dinner was usually some kind of soup. We all would hang out during meals, chatting about how sore we were, what we were eating, who was detoxing, how we felt; I loved being around people who had similar goals, and were experiencing the same type of mental and physical pain that I was.

veggie soup

7:30pm: Massage

I’m not ashamed to admit I got a massage almost every day that I was in Thailand. They are about $6. And they helped with my muscles.

Massage studio in Thailand

It also helped that there was a massage place right across the street from the resort.

9:00pm: Bed

I had to be in bed by 9pm or I wouldn’t be able to function the next day.

The Schedule at a Weight Loss Retreat Thailand

While I was at Lamai it felt like all I did was eat, sleep, and workout. And looking at the schedule that’s usually what the days entailed. The focus was on fitness. Because the people there either had gotten horribly off-track, or were training for some kind of marathon or triathlon.

It took me two weeks, but I learned to love the routine. It was hard living in workout clothes, taking three showers a day, walking a bit crooked because you were so from the workout from yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that.

But at the same time you felt strong. Like you could conquer the world. And seeing the inches and pounds melt away, your flab become tighter, and accomplishing things that you couldn’t do a week ago, its indescribable the joy that I would feel.

It was hard. Every day at Lamai Fitness, the Koh Samui health retreat, was hard. But it was so, so worth it.

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