Snap Travel Magic in front of the Andes Mountains

I’m Kelly, a 30-something year old, traveling the world on a teacher’s schedule and shoestring budget.

I figured out a way to make my love of travel fit in with my 9-5 job, making the most out of school breaks, and seeing a lot of the world in a short amount of time.

As of 2020 I have been to over 35 countries. I’ve cruised around Greece, hiked Machu Picchu, bungee jumped in New Zealand, drove in a snow storm in Lithuania, went to a fitness camp in Thailand, and eaten more than my fair share of pasta and gelato in Italy.

Snap Travel Magic in Istanbul

I’m a big believer in seeing a lot while traveling, but also scheduling free time to wander a city without a plan-no matter how limited my time in a place may be.

Budget plays a big role in my travels. Although, I have graduated from 20-bed dorm room hostels to more modest single room accommodations (still at hostels) , I stay on a strict budget. Saving up for traveling is something I’ve done my whole life, making sacrifices so I can spend time doing what I love.

Snap Travel Magic in Banff, Canada

When I’m not traveling, I’m working as a teacher in the hip city of St. Petersburg, Florida. My city is awesome, and I love showing people just how much there is to do here, from beaches and restaurants to museums and parks.

More of My Story

I grew up in northern Virginia, moving to Florida in 2013 after I graduated with my English degree from Virginia Tech and my master’s in Teaching.

Like most travelers, I had that one trip that changed my life, and I’ve been hooked on traveling ever since.

I thought about studying abroad, and later teaching and living abroad, I even got my TEFL certificate, but it never panned out, and I felt like I missed out on my chance to travel the world.

But life is funny, I ended up doing my own version of a “study abroad” experience, backpacking Europe for a couple of months and then au pairing for a family in Rome in 2014.

Snap Travel Magic in Italy

Even though I adore traveling, I knew living abroad wasn’t for me. I was too close to my family, and felt like living somewhere was very different from visiting somewhere. I found I had more appreciation for a country when I just visited, as opposed to living there for a longer stretch of time.

My Travel Style

My focus in my writing is itineraries and city guides for 1-3 day and 7-10 day trips. Staying on a budget, but still having magical experiences in a new place is something that I strive for whenever I travel.

Magical experiences can be anything from a cute cafe, to some awesome street art, a cool music venue, or a white water rafting experience. Whatever city or country I go to I always try and have one magical experience.

I also focus on wellness, including visiting weight loss camps, as well as my daily yoga practice. I’m an overweight traveler, but I still love fitness, yoga, and surfing. And I try to encourage everyone to see the world.